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List your rental property & find the reliable homes with New Street,
New Jersey’s prominent property management service.


With hundreds of happy owners and tenants, we are fully dedicated at your services. We have planned our services keeping in mind the special needs of our clients. Have a look here

For property owners,

  • Evaluate the property and finalize the genuine rental prices
  • Prepare the property for rent and market it

For tenants

  • Meet with tenants and help them move in after signing leasing agreement
  • Rent Collection

We have a network of contractors, plumbers, electricians and handyman that are available 24/7 to conduct repairs.

We will invoice the tenant every month electronically. Payments can be made electronically online or by mailing a check. We will record and deposit payments.

We help overseas investors buy income properties. Our services include finding the right property according to budget. Working with realtor and attorney to complete the transaction.


Regular property inspections are conducted in order to maintain safety, assess damages and make repairs accordingly.


A Reliable Partner for Your Property Management Needs

New Street is a prominent property management company, which has been serving the property owners and tenants of NJ for last 10 years. The key of our business is ‘Word of Mouth’ on which we pride. With full dedication and professionalism, we help the right property owners meet the right tenants and fulfil their needs.

When it comes to managing property for rentals, one always prefers a smooth experience and we go an extra mile to assist our residential and commercial clients through our services.


Time to bring the positive changes in your life through our property management services

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