10 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Like Home without Annoying Your Landlord

When you rent your place of residence, you face restrictions that homeowners may not even consider. If you make too many modifications, you risk running afoul of the landlord, and those issues can loom large as you try to make your new apartment more like home.

Given the restrictions of rental life, it might seem like stunning home d├ęcor is simply out of your reach, but there are things you can do to make your new space more homey, all without annoying the landlord or property owner. Here are 10 ways to make your apartment more like a home.
1. Plants and flowers - there is nothing like the beauty of nature to make a house a home, and the same goes for your apartment. Bringing in plants and flowers will spruce up the space and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your four walls.
2. Fish bowls and aquariums - your landlord might look askance at a cat or a dog, but few property managers will worry about a few fish. A small aquarium or a couple of fish bowls can let you enjoy pet ownership without the hassle, or the ruined carpets.
3. Wall-safe picture hangers - Putting lots of holes in the wall is a great way to lose your security deposit, but there are wall-safe ways to hang artwork and family photographs. These simple hanging methods can turn your impersonal apartment into a cozy home.
4. Choose your furnishings with care - with limited space to work with, every piece of furniture needs to count, so choose your pieces with care. Look for furniture that works well in the space you have, focusing on pieces that can do double duty, like that tiny table that transforms from snack tray to study space.
5. Let the light in - natural lighting can make a world of difference, so choose window treatments that let the sun shine in. If natural light is not an option, super-bright LED lighting can get the job done almost as well.
6. Set up a private space - having your own space is important, so look for ways to enhance your privacy. Even a small corner of a room can be a private space if you furnish and decorate it the right way.
7. Use scent to set the mood - you do not have to be an aromatherapy expert to recognize the power of scent. From scented candles to plug-in and battery-powered diffusers, there are plenty of landlord-friendly ways to make your apartment smell more like home.
8. Ask for permission to paint - If you absolutely hate that purple bathroom or bright red bedroom, ask the landlord if you can change it. As long as you clean up and protect the space, chances are the landlord will readily agree.
9. Build a personal display - from collections of framed family photographs to mementoes from your favorite vacation, these treasured items deserve a special place in your home. Such a display nook can enhance your surroundings and make your apartment feel more like home.
10. Clear away the clutter - if your apartment is cluttered with extra stuff, it will look even smaller than it is. Examine each of your extraneous possessions, jettisoning any that do not bring joy to your life.

Apartment living can have many important benefits, from easy mobility to the convenience of calling the landlord when something breaks. And while living in an apartment may be different from owning your own home, there are things you can do to make your space more personal. The 10 tips listed above can get you started, so you can turn your generic apartment into a wonderful home.

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