Selecting a High-End Apartment

Nearby schools, distance from work, amenities and nearby shops are all details that will narrow down your choices on where to begin your search. The following guidelines will aid you when selecting a high-end apartment once you have chosen the buildings you prefer.

Choose a higher floor: The ground floor not only has the most noise, but will also be the most vulnerable to break-ins. The views and air quality improve considerably the higher you ascend. Furthermore, you will find diminished street noise. The top floor will have the added bonus of no upstairs neighbors, increased sunlight and pure rainwater direct from the skies.

South-facing vs. north-facing: If you are a sun worshiper, choose a south-facing apartment. Your plants with thank you for it. On the other hand, if you are not fond of sitting in the sun, a north-facing apartment will grant you with day-long shade. The summers feel cooler in north-facing apartments.

Energy class: New builds are equipped to save on energy costs by using the most energy efficient windows. Additionally, double-paned or triple-paned windows filled with Argon gas are also soundproof.

Air-filtration: When you have energy efficiency, you will also need quality air-filtration. The higher the energy class, the more your apartment is sealed from the outside elements. Mold can form quickly if not aired out properly.

Door Camera: High-end apartments have higher security needs. With multiple neighbors using the same front door, you need to ensure that you know who you are letting into the building. A door camera will allow you to see the person, the package they are carrying, their ID and if they are alone or in company.

Quality materials: Your new high-end home should fit your upscale lifestyle as well as your taste. Look for neutral tones that fit your d├ęcor. Inspect the baseboards, crown molding, tiles, the kitchen backsplash and sinks to ensure that everything has been installed properly.

Neighbors: Find out who lives in the building and on your block. If the apartment is not soundproof, a neighbor with small children or a barking dog might not be the right choice for you, unless you happen to have a similar situation. Speak to the people in the building to get an idea of whether you will enjoy living next to them.

Finding a new home can be made easier when you know what to look for.

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