Seven Things Renters Should Do When They First Move In

Moving between rental properties can get overwhelming pretty quickly. The old place needs to be clean, cleared, and finalized. And at the same time, everything has to be moved into the new rental. It can be a lot, but there are a few tricks at tips that can make the entire process more efficient and less stressful.

1 - Get Grounded

Life can get pretty chaotic once the boxes and furniture start coming off the truck. Therefore, take a bit of time before unloading to get organized and rest a bit. Collect all of the paperwork related to the new rental keep it in a large envelope, so they will be easy to find and refer back to later. Also, expenses such as the cost of the rental truck might be tax deductible.

A few quiet moments are also essential for self-care. Take time to eat something, relax, and hydrate. These moments might feel like they have been wasted, but they will supply the energy necessary to finish moving. It will also help mitigate some of the stress.

2 - Tour the New Rental

Before filling the various rooms with boxes and furniture, take time to get familiar with the new property. Locate emergency shutoffs such as the breaker panel and water valves. It's also helpful to find the light switches, so they don't get blocked by furniture or get lost in the dark.

3 - Do a Walkthrough and Record Everything

Before moving anything into the rental property, take a few minutes to film each room in detail. Document any damage or stains, and record the condition of the walls and floors. These detailed records then become proof if there are issues when moving out in the future. A list of any essential repairs the property needs can also help.

4 - Clean Again

There's no point in unpacking things into a dirty room. And having to clean around everything will just make the task of moving take longer. So, before moving boxes into the rental, give the entire thing a thorough clean. Wipe cupboards, walls, closets and any other areas that often get forgotten.

5 - Map Out Each Room

Nothing is more frustrating when unpacking than having to play a life-sized game of Tetris to get the furniture into place. To avoid this problem, plan each room beforehand. Take a tape measure, measure the furniture, and plan where each piece will go. Then, use sticky notes or masking tape on the walls to mark the location of each item. This method allows anyone to put the furniture straight into place as soon as it's inside.

6 - Explore the Outside World

Moving is hard work. Take lots of breaks to ease the stress and exhaustion. And what better way to relax for a few minutes than to wander around outside for a few minutes? Look for the garbage bin and other helpful items that will be needed while unpacking. And if the rental property has a backyard, check the condition of the fence and ground for anything that might require immediate repair. During longer breaks, don't be afraid to say hello to neighbors and see what sorts of amenities the neighborhood has to offer.

7 - Make a List

While unpacking and getting settled in, tenants often notice little changes that can make the property more convenient or comfortable. Decor items like removable wallpaper, for example, can make a boring room more interesting. A clothesline or storage caddies can add functionality to wasted space. By making a list and including additional information such as sizes or special requirements, it will be easier to pick up these items on the next trip to the store.

While moving to a new rental property can be exciting, it can also be a lot of work. By planning ahead and using some clever tips, it's possible to make moving a lot more enjoyable and significantly less stressful. Who doesn't like that?

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