Tenant Screening


We screen, know and then approve the reliability of tenants.


Ensuring about a tenant’s background is very important before deciding anything. After all, it is subject
to your property’s safety. This is the primary reason we, a team of professional property managers do
screening of every tenant on a personal level by adhering the Tenant Laws through a community driven
approach.This works effectively in educating the landlords and meeting the rental standards they have
set for their properties. Under this process, we prepare
a) Tenant Screening Checklist

  • We create a questionnaire sheet to judge the tenant applicants personally and socially.
    This helps in knowing him or her from close.
  • When it comes to showing the rental property, we can conduct an open house or individual appointment as per your decisions.
  • Next, after finalizing the list of interested tenants, we pre-screen them once again.
  • After that, we run a background check to verify the details and assist you select the best tenant according to your needs.

All these steps highlight on some crucial details about tenants, such as

  • Rental History
  • Is there any complain of late rent payments
  • Did the applicant violate the rent or lease agreement
    And this way, we make tenant hiring easy and simple.